Digitization is the biggest technical revolution since the letter press was invented. It concerns all industries. What we experienced during the past twenty years is the amuse-bouche. It will be followed by a multi-course menu.
— Dr. Harald Mahrer, Federal Minster of Science, Research and Economy of the Republic of Austria at the Wirtschaftstag in Berlin in June 2017

Digitization - What is important for small and medium sized companies

Digitization means the largest transformation for our economy since industrialization. We have been reading this sentence for years. Companies have reacted quite differently to it.

Some companies count on their proven business model and give more or less attention to what is happening. Some consider single elements and improve their processes continuously. Others have identified completely new business models and invest in developing these.

Each solution might be justified in the specific circumstances. We advise all entrepreneurs to address the topic and integrate it in their business model.


GOBD conformity

No matter what tools you are using - you have to make sure, your internal control system is in place and that your procedures are in conformity with GOBD (Grundsätze zur ord­nungs­mä­ßi­gen Füh­rung und Auf­be­wah­rung von Bü­chern, Auf­zeich­nun­gen und Un­ter­la­gen in elek­tro­ni­scher Form so­wie zum Da­ten­zu­griff). We train you. We advise you on implementing and improving your accounting and financial reporting procedures. If desired, we will help you identify and master the weak point of your financial internal control system.


Digitization in accounting


According to an Oxford study - accountants and certified auditors will be replaced by computerization with a likelihood of 94-98 %.

What impact does this have on the accounting process? How can procedures be optimized? For the benefit of an increased data quality and consistency and a higher reporting speed. What technology is best?

We are thoroughly watching current trends . We

Trends in this segment 

Den hierzu sich entwickelnden Trends gehört unsere höchste Aufmerksamkeit. We count on newest technology and improve our procedures continuously.


Disruptive business models vs. digitization with a sense of proportion

What impact does digitization have on your business? What ideas have a future? We help you think about this in a structured way.

In accounting matters, we will of course help put this into practice.

It takes years to create an innovation-friendly culture. But the most crucial mistake would be not to start.
— Anja Förster, Bestseller author

The most important finding: panic is no good. And it does not make sense to jump on every trend. We rather develop the magazine continously -trying something new again and again.
— Gabriele Fischer, chief editor of brand eins