“It takes years to create an innovation-friendly culture. But the most crucial mistake would be not to start.”
— — Anja Förster, Bestseller author


Our clients entrust us with one of their most confidential parts of their company - their financial statements. This is why we see ourselves not only as a professional consultant but also as a sparringspartner and faithful companion. This is often the beginning of a long-standing cooperation.

Our work as auditor, consultant or expert creates trust - also amongst stakeholders.

Our strength is, that we accompany clients personally. First class service!


The most important precondition for confidence in our work is our quality. Quality has priority. Constant learning, well established internal control system, continous process improvement and the involvement of specialists in complex issues is conditio sine qua non.

We are dedicated to deliver the best team for a job.

FINEXA is co-founder of the House of Audit, a network of experienced auditors with various specializations and industry expertise.


Accounting & Audit is on the edge of a groundbreaking transformation because of digitization. To encounter this properly, is a task for companies and consultants. It not only concerns internal procedures, but also entire business models. Our answer is adapted to the needs of small and medium sized companies ("Mittelstand").