Obligatory Audit

Corporate entities (e.g. GmbH, AG) and certain companies registered as GmbH & Co. KG, have a legal obligation to have their (single or consolidated) financial statements audited by a certified auditor or certified audit company, if they surpass two out of the three following thresholds: turnover of 12 mio. EUR, balance sheet total of 6 mio. EUR, 50 employees. The obligation gets effective from the second balance sheet date, that the criteria are met.


Voluntary Audit

You can have your financial statements audited any time on a voluntary basis, if the criteria above are not (yet) met. An audit will give your stakeholders assurance in your financial statements. An audit may be required by shareholders, result from rules within the company's constitution or may be seen as a necessary step in preparing an M&A deal.


Disregarded Audit Obligation

Financial statements cannot be officially assessed, if a legal obligation to audit these statements has not been fulfilled. If the audit obligation ist disregarded, any dividends paid to shareholders are subject to reclaim. In case of an existing profit and loss transfer agreement, the agreement and its tax benefits are at risk. The company might face substantial tax payments.

You have already missed an audit obligation or are not sure, whether an audit obligation exists? - Contact us. We will have a look at your case.


Digital Audit

We are digital: whether we are talking about engagement letter or audit report. Documents are exchanged via a secure data room. 

We also support your digitalization. Contact us


Company Report

Your financial statements are your business card. You want to leave a mark - with investors, banks and other business partners.

No matter, if you provide your stakeholders with our complete audit report including your financial statements and management report or whether you hand out a short version (your financial statements and management report with our auditor's opinion) - we do not only attach great importance to content and correctness, but also deliver documents in an appealing design. 

If you wish, we will support you in including your financial statements into a complete company report.


Publishing financial statements

Your financial statements need to be published in the German Bundesanzeiger. There are certain timelines and formats to be considered. We will gladly assist you in meeting your obligations. Reducing it to the minimum that is acceptable for SME (optional). 


IFRS-/US-Gaap Reporting

Your financials have to be reported to a group company? According to IFRS or US-GAAP? We will gladly assist you in doing the conversion or in reviewing yours. Contact us


Other Assurance services according to Verpackungs-Verordnung, EEG, EMIR, F-Gas etc.

You need further assertion by a certified auditor? E.g. on your declaration of completeness according to the packaging regulation (Vollständigkeitserklärung für das VE-Register bei der IHK), in order to benefit from certain compensation rules concerning your energy consumption (according to "EEG") or according to EMIR (because of derivate products) or other? We are here to serve our audit clients.