It takes years to create an innovation-friendly culture. But the most crucial mistake would be not to start.
— Anja Förster, Bestseller author

FINEXA is an audit company seated in Frankfurt am Main/Germany.


Our clients entrust us with one of their most confidential parts of their company - their financial statements. This is why we see ourselves not only as a professional consultant but also as a sparringspartner and faithful companion. This is often the beginning of a long-standing cooperation.

Our work as auditor, consultant or expert creates trust - also amongst stakeholders.

Our strength is, that we accompany clients personally. First class service!


The most important precondition for confidence in our work is our quality. Quality has priority. Constant learning, well established internal control system, continous process improvement and the involvement of specialists in complex issues is conditio sine qua non.

We are dedicated to deliver the best team for a job.

FINEXA is co-founder of the House of Audit, a network of experienced auditors with various specializations and industry expertise.


Accounting & Audit is on the edge of a groundbreaking transformation because of digitization. To encounter this properly, is a task for companies and consultants. It not only concerns internal procedures, but also entire business models. Our answer is adapted to the needs of small and medium sized companies ("Mittelstand").

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Managing Partner

Martina Läger

Dipl. Kffr., E.M.B.Sc., Wirtschaftsprüferin, Steuerberaterin

Martina Läger

WIRTSCHAFTSPRÜFERin, Steuerberaterin

Martina Läger is a passionate auditor.

This might sound astounding. Auditors are quite often associated with  - and only with - statutory audits of financial statements. But this profession offers so much variety. It not only comprises the strongly ruled statutory audit, but also consulting with regard to financial statements (preparation of single and consolidated reports, accounting rules including expert opinions on certain topics), tax consulting, financial consulting (e.g. valuation services, business plans etc.) as well es legal questions (choice of legal forms, shareholder resolutions etc.).

Martina Läger has studied European Business Administration at Otto-Friedrich-Universität in Bamberg and at ESC Bretagne Brest in France (1997-2002).

It was due to a long-term internship with Arthur Andersen in Munich, Strasbourg and St. Charles (USA) in 2000/2001 that she decided to get an auditor after her studies.

In 2002/2003 she started with KPMG in Frankfurt am Main and worked on audits of commercial clients. I 2005 and 2008, she passed her exams: Steuerberater (tax consultant) and Wirtschaftsprüfer (Certified auditor).

2008-2013  she enlargened her experience to transaction services, working as a senior manager at O&R Oppenhoff & Rädler AG in Frankfurt am Main: company valuations, Expert opinions on financial statements and valuations, tax indicated valuations.

2013-2017 she was member of the Board of Lampe & Kollegen AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, where she was responsible for the audits of single and consolidated financial statements and accompanied her clients in transactions.

Since September 2017 she is Managing partner of FINEXA GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, Frankfurt am Main.

Martina Läger is member of the supervisory board of an international software developer. She gives lectures on "Financial Statements" (Hochschule Mainz) and on "IFRS statements" (Wirtschaftscampus) and is a member of various business associations (VDU - Verband deutscher Unternehmerinnen, Wirtschaftsrat) and of course of the associations of auditors and tax consultants.


Silvia Kaesgen

Silvia Kaesgen

Sabine Trinh

Sabine Trinh

Karl Joef Schiffhauer

Karl Joef Schiffhauer


Auditors, who we highly appreciate. Experts in their field. We involve them whenever their specific skills are needed.

Of Counsel

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Simone Fischer

Diplom-Kauffrau, Wirtschaftsprüferin, STeuerberaterin

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Peter Krieg

Diplom-Kaufmann, Wirtschaftsprüfer

Ralf Otto.jpg

Ralf Otto

Diplom-Wirtschaftsingenieur, Wirtschaftsprüfer, Steuerberater